Athena Hiotis is a songwriter, producer, composer, and film maker based in Baltimore City.



“It’s important that we understand how music began, evolved, and is currently perceived in different cultures and genres because through that you’ll be able to approach each song or composition in a unique and genuine way.”


Athena Hiotis is a musician, producer, and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. With a penchant for a wide range of music, she studied music throughout high school at the Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts magnet program, and at the University of Maryland at College Park, diving into a wide range of music eras and genres, sparking her professional career in songwriting, composition, and production. 

Since 2012, Hiotis has owned and operated PopRiot Music Group, a boutique label and songwriting/production house dedicated to providing songs and compositions to artists and TV/Film projects. The mission is to make sure that artists pursue their dreams with high quality work that not only supports them but distinguishes them from other artists.

Athena is a member of RÊVE (cinematic art-rock band); Steep Steps (dark, electronic production duo); and Circuit Villains (raw, provoking rock band).